Space Folding

by Zina Kaye 2014—15

Come and stand amongst the hundreds of points of light that represent each plane in current local air-space. Be at the nexus of the city landscape, watch and listen as the headlights burn past you from the highway in the sky. Step inside, bathe in light, meditate.

Space Folding by Zina Kaye is a towering light sculpture creating a unique audiovisual experience, a never-ending sequence of light and sound conducted by real time flight data. Space Folding's live data driven soundtrack was forged in collaboration with award winning music producer, composer and game sound designer Peret Von Sturmer.

Space Folding was part of the Vivid Sydney 2015 Light Walk, proudly sponsored by Qantas.

During Vivid 2015 Qantas held a Space Folding Instagram competition to win two free return flights on Qantas. The competition "#qfSpaceFolding" ran over all 18 nights and called for the best Space Folding selfie. The competition gathered some fantastic entries and was won by Instagram user @debsport.

Special thanks to Spectrum Films for hosting Space Folding during testing and supporting the development of our innovation.

Space Folding's generative soundtrack is supported by Bulletproof.

Zina Kaye is represented by Holly, Sydney

Thanks to the full Space Folding team:
David Rogers / Samuel Davies / Rene Christen / David Towey / Mr Snow / Jonny Hurn / Peret von Sturmer / Ben Batt / Danielle Wiessner. Musicians: Jarend Underwood and Llew Kiek.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.